B Positive B+ Blood Type Patch Laser Cut Military Tactical Morale Velcro

B Positive B+ Blood Type Patch Laser Cut Military Tactical Morale Velcro

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Manufacturer Description

Why do you need to wear blood type patches?

In a modern world full of sudden dangers you will never know when exactly you need the first-aid. Our blood type patches velcro intended to be used by people whose profession is connected with high risk of injury - blood type patch for police officers, soldiers, firefighters, motorcycle fans and bikers, airsoft players. In the field, badge with blood group can help to save men's life, when there is neither time nor appropriate equipment to make a blood test. Most of irreplaceable losses on the battlefield are associated with a loss of blood. But not all blood groups are compatible between themselves. Therefore, it is important for doctors, who provide medical care to know a blood type of wounded person. Information on the patch gives these data almost instantly. What in turn, gives more time and, accordingly, a chance to save the life of the wounded.

By AB0 system there are only four blood types: 0 first, A- second, B third, AB fourth. In this case, each combination has either a positive or negative Rh factor. Blood type patch B positive and negative Rh are two variations for third (3 or III) blood type. Some blood groups are compatible, some are not. B-type is a less common blood group - about 25% of population has it.

Velcro Patch tactical is worn more often on the right side of the chest instead of a name strip. You may also attach it to your tactical backpack, sling bag, tactical Velcro hat or cap, vest or plate-carrier or your patch panel. Cordura 1000D Laser Cut badge represented in different colors - blood type patch a coyote with brown and tan, black with red, olive drab with black, ACU with Army Olive. Blood type patch multicam is very popular among combatants. Its dimensions are 2x1 inches. On the patch blood group and Rh factor - B pos blood type patch. On the back side there is Velcro fastener to attach it to the uniform.

Product Features

can SAVE LIFE ? Individual Medical Blood Type Patch Velcro can instantly provide required information about blood group / Rh factor to the medic in critical situation, when you might need help GITD ? Glow In The Dark and Infra-Red IR Reflective . B pos B+ inscription is made of a special material visible in the night vision devices or IR refletor from a short distance. ?Contrast color facilitates visual identification STANDARD SIZE ? 2x1 inches, compatible with almost all tactical gear you might have - cap, hat, binder, jacket, backpack, vest. This patch would be an excellent addition to any collection of morale patches HOOK & LOOP ? blood type patch Velcro has hooks backing. You may attach it to any loop surface. superb ?????QUALITY tested and proved to be of quality materials. Washable and Durable. Safe & non-toxic. NEVER USED. Made in Ukraine. Save money buying blood type patch SET IMPORTANT! ? The type of the blood group and Rh of the operator is necessarily rechecked before the transfusion by express tests, patch is not a 100% determining marker.

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